About Me


Hi! I’m a TCU student pursuing a BS in Physics and a double minor in Mathematics and Education. I love vanilla lattes and swimming in the ocean. I believe that bike-riding is good for the soul, and I want to be a teacher one day. As far as personality goes, my MBTI results say that I’m an INFP, and I’m an enneagram type 2. Basically, I’m a somehow-bubbly-yet-introverted nerd who is deeply in love with Jesus Christ.

{If it’s not obvious from my major,} I absolutely adore math and science. Specifically, I love physics and calculus. Mastery is found through determination and focus, and the subjects beautifully intertwine. They’re limitless. They’re precise, yet infinite. They can be utilized for visionary and groundbreaking solutions. They’re awe-inspiring, and I hope that one day with my degree I can encourage, inspire, or innovate, and help change the world.

I began photography as a hobby. I just loved taking photos of people and showing them the beauty that they may not see in their own self. I believe that everyone is fearfully and wonderfully made {psalm 139:14}, and helping others realize that makes my heart happy. One day a friend asked me how much I would charge to take senior photos of her, and it all started from there! I now take senior photos, headshots, couple/engagement photos, and family portraits. Photography is more than just a hobby to me, now. It’s a passion.

Lastly, I can’t even fully express how grateful I am for the beautiful sacrifice and grace of Jesus Christ. Every day I’m astounded by the infinite love God has for me {and each and every single one of us!}. It is such a privilege that we get to know Him, and I look forward to this adventure alongside the Lord for the rest of my life.

Thanks for visiting today!