Tanner & Marissa

I approached this photo session with nervous excitement. This was officially my very first couple photoshoot. It turned out to be {almost} everything I could have dreamed of. If only we could have had more time! Needless to say, Tanner and Marissa are so photogenic, so creative, and so encouraging. Throughout the entire session, I couldn’t help but feel like my passion for photography was reignited.

Portraits are cherished to me because I love it when how beautiful or unique a person is gets revealed to him/her. When a client looks at a photo with joy and surprise, my heart is full. Everyone is uniquely, wonderfully made. Helping someone realize their value, and the value of their story through photographs is reward enough for the sweat, sunburn, and running around before the sun sets.

And wow do the photos of Marissa and Tanner tell a beautiful story. Capturing their love was a dream to me. And I sincerely hope that I will get to do many, many more couple photoshoots in the future.

13613113_10206163626759581_4684119229964545103_o13767333_10206163692121215_3074767578457037135_o13680116_10206163654200267_4234774425986076657_o13767333_10206163645200042_3541381734530050459_o13680177_10206163761962961_7564610073451263584_oMarissa and Tanner

Many waters cannot quench love,
Nor can rivers drown it. 

-Song of Solomon 8:7a

One thought on “Tanner & Marissa

  1. You’ve outdone yourself, Alex! These are stunning… I know now for sure who I’m going to in a year’s time for senior pictures. Not that there was any doubt, but God gave you such incredible gifts! These are beautiful photos that I am sure will be cherished forever.

    Much love!

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